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Dr. Jiwani has evolved a unique style combining her extensive medical & naturopathic training and 19 years of practice as a Naturopathic Physician, licensed in British Columbia. Dr. Jiwani has become additionally certified in various manners of Aesthetic Medicine for Anti-Aging & Beauty Enhancement. Her motivating, compassionate, thorough and successful approach can empower you as her patient to take charge of your health, by investigating and treating the cause(s) of your symptoms. Dr. Jiwani can show you the power of nature and your body’s ability to heal itself, along with science-based natural healthcare to help you attain a higher level of health.  She has the education and experience to successfully combine the art and tradition of natural medicine with modern scientific research.

Dr. Jiwani has additional certifications and experience in Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine protocols:

  • Cosmetic Botox
  • Mesotherapy & Lipodissolve
  • IV Vitamin/Mineral & Chelation
  • Prescribing Authority

Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

K Dr. Jiwani January 3, 2017

I was 221 lbs…I started Dr. Jiwani’s program and in 8 weeks have lost 22 lbs without any discomfort or hunger. The plan is amazing! Read More

Cosmetic Botox: Wrinkle Injections

Mesotherapy & Lipodissolve: Natural Fat Dissolving Injections

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