Naturopathic Clinic Policy

I understand that Dr. Jiwani is a licensed naturopathic physician, registered in British Columbia since 1997 (License #00195). This License Number 00195 is documented on all clinic receipts for insurance, medical and/or legal purposes for patients. As a patient, you are not required to have an appointment to refill products, although some products may require Dr. Jiwani’s supervision of your progress, due to their therapeutic action and potency. In certain instances, Dr. Jiwani may require a follow-up visit to reassess your current health status, therefore certain medications may not be available for purchase.

Cream-based products are non-refundable due to the fact that they cannot be re-sold. Supplements that have been opened are non-refundable unless permission is granted by Dr. Jiwani. Unopened supplements must be returned within 14 days and must be accompanied by a receipt. A discount of 25% is offered to clinic patients per patient referral, after the referral’s initial consultation with Dr. Jiwani. Purchase limits may apply to 25% Discounts. Refunds and Discounts do not apply to lab tests, IV treatments or visit fees, and cannot be combined with other discounts. The clinic reserves the right to change or withdraw discounts, services, or supplements at any time, without prior notice.

Check the link for the most current Clinic Fee Schedule. This clinic retains the right to limit the purchase quantity of any product. This ensures that other patients can also access their health requirements. When possible, we will gladly reserve the products you require for same day pickup. Initial consultations are FREE for approximately 30 minutes, as long as the appointment is attended and not rescheduled / cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Please notify us your inability to attend your appointment by email to All emails & voicemails are date and time stamped. If you reschedule within 72 hours or do not attend your scheduled initial visit, the charge is $79 when you do see Dr. Jiwani on your first visit. Changed appointments require 72 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee of $49.

Subsequent visits with Dr. Jiwani are a minimum charge of $49 for the first 15 minutes. Visit times are incrementally rounded upward to the nearest 5 minutes, i.e. 17 minutes would be billed as 20 minutes. The average visit length is 15 minutes for $49. The average lab review visit is 20 – 30 minutes for $59 – $79. Visit  fees are as follows: 

15 mins $49     20 mins $59     25 mins $69     30 mins $79     35 mins $89     40 mins $99   

Pharmaceutical prescriptions can only be supplied during a regularly scheduled visit with Dr. Jiwani, for your own health benefit. If you are in need of a prescription and are unable to see Dr. Jiwani in a timely manner, please contact your medical doctor or a walk-in clinic and follow their instructions until you see Dr. Jiwani at your next visit. Please refer to the Prescription Drug Policy or ask my staff. Prescriptions that are “LOST” will be subject to $49 replacement fee, and faxed directly to the pharmacy at Dr. Jiwani’s availability. 

In order to facilitate a timely flow of patient visits, Dr. Jiwani may require an additional visit, if further discussion is necessary. I acknowledge that Dr. Jiwani provides email service only as a professional courtesy, and will respond to emails as her personal time permits.  I understand that if my emailed question is not answered within seven (7) days, I am urged to schedule an appointment to have my issue addressed in person.  I acknowledge that email contact is NOT intended to replace appointments, nor is it for the purpose of informing Dr. Jiwani of emergencies or changes in my health status, nor for any administrative issues, including scheduling, cancelling, or changing appointments.

Patients residing outside of Canada must arrange for shipment of their own products, and must bear the cost and liability of the shipment. As a customer service, the clinic may ship products to local patients depending on the product and the quantity ordered. Orders under a certain dollar amount will incur a shipping fee. Certain products are not appropriate for shipping due to fragility. Due to our products’ therapeutic strength and quality, doses recommended by Dr. Jiwani are to be followed and not recommended to non-patients. Non-Patients are not permit to purchase our products from the clinic. Please defer to the advice of your healthcare practitioner. You may also purchase clinic products online at

This clinic (Natural Therapeutics Health Centre Inc.) is legally required to charge applicable taxes on all products and services. Ask us if you need to clarify any of these policies or discount offers, as we offer these in fairness to all of you, our patients. Pricing on all of our retail products is competitive. If you find the identical brand and size of product, we will do our best to match or beat the price☺. Please keep your original receipts for insurance or other purposes, as only duplicate receipts with a copy stamp will be given, and may require one month’s notice to access old receipts.

This clinic complies with the privacy policy as posted in the clinic; please inquire if you require further information. No use of photography or video equipment is permitted on clinic premises without express written permission from Dr. Jiwani, due to privacy concerns including other patients. If you have any concerns about the services of Natural Therapeutics Health Centre Inc. please make an inquiry with the office manager, and he/she will assist you in dealing with your queries, and provide you with any additional information that you may require.

If you have any questions about the general naturopathic industry, please contact the BC Naturopathic Association (BCNA) at 604.736.6646 and check out our Resources page.

Thank you,  Dr. Jiwani.

Licensed Naturopathic Physician in BC since 1997
Pharmaceutical Prescribing Authority
License #00195

This information is for educational purposes only and does not advocate self-diagnosis.  Due to individual variability, consultation with a licensed health professional, such as a licensed naturopathic physician is highly recommended, prior to starting a natural treatment plan. For further information, see Terms of our Website.

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