Naturopathic Regulation

Naturopathic Regulation encompasses stringent bylaws enforced by Colleges committed to providing standards of professional practice amongst Naturopathic Physicians, just as Medical Doctors are governed by their College of Physicians & Surgeons.


Canadian Provincial Naturopathic Regulation Authorities


The College Of Naturopathic Physicians Of British Columbia (CNPBC)

The College Of Naturopaths Of Ontario (CONO)

Manitoba Naturopathic Association

Saskatchewan Association Of Naturopathic Practitioners


United States Naturopathic Regulation Authorities


Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development

Arizona Naturopathic Board of Medical Examiners

Connecticut Board of Naturopathic Examiners

District of Columbia Department of Health Advisory Committee on Naturopathic Physicians  

Hawaii Board of Examiners in Naturopathy

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

Maine Board of Complementary Health Care Providers

Maryland Board of Physicians, Naturopathic Medicine Advisory Committee

Minnesota Board of Medical Practice

Montana Alternative Health Care Board

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

North Dakota Board of Integrative Health Care

Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners

Osteopathic Medical Board of California

Puerto Rico Junta Examiadora de Doctores en Naturopathia

Utah Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Board

Vermont Office of the Secretary of State

Washington State Department of Health Naturopathy Program


World Naturopathic Federation


World Naturopathic Federation


Naturopathic Associations


American Association Of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)

British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA)

College Of Naturopathic Doctors Of Alberta (CNDA)

Manitoba Naturopathic Association (MNA)

New Brunswick Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (NBAND)

Newfoundland And Labrador Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (NLAND)

Northwest Territories Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (NTAND)

Nova Scotia Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (NSAND)

Ontario Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND)

Prince Edward Island Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (PEIAND)

Quebec Association Of Naturopathic Medicine (QANM)

Saskatchewan Association Of Naturopathic Practitioners (SANP)

Yukon Association Of Naturopathic Doctors (YAND)