Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

Rick Dr. Jiwani January 3, 2017

After literally years of chronic fatigue, headaches and seasonal allergies (and other seemingly minor ailments), I knew I had to regain control of my health.

Up to that point I’d rationalized away my symptoms attributing them to daily life stress and to my own inability to cope. Dr Jiwani’s approach to my road to recovery proved to be a far more effective and, in the long run, even simpler alternative. To put together a healing programme, she provided a comprehensive consultation, and physical exam.

“The resulting ******* (aimed at *****,******,****** problems) has resulted in dramatic health changes I believe only because of my first- hand experience.

Weight loss had not been a priority for me, but in about 8 weeks, while eating probably 30% more daily, I’d lost 18 pounds. During this weight shedding, I was quickly feeling more vibrant, focused, balanced and well-rested.

Sleepless nights due to stress are long gone. I haven’t had a single headache in months. Family, friends, and, business associates have all recognized the changes. The solution to the chaos I’d lived with for years has been a simple one.

I’m grateful for what Dr. Jiwani has been able to show me in the short time we’ve worked together. I look forward to continued exciting improvements and to a quality of life that only gets better day-by-day.

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