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Good Bacteria 30+ Billion NO INULIN is now available!


Scientifically Formulated, Proven Maximum Strength Probiotic for Optimal Intestinal & Immune Health

Good Bacteria 30+Billion NO INULIN provides a hypoallergenic, high potency, full-spectrum human strain probiotic supplement with 10 certified species chosen for their researched and supportive health advantages.  A synergistic and complementary blend of both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium creates a more beneficial microflora environment for healthy gastrointestinal and immune functions. 

Seventy percent (70%) of your overall immunity stems from the health of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Probiotics are essential for optimal gut health, as they control & kill invaders with immune-boosting chemicals. The bowel environment is like a war zone, with varied bad guys wreaking havoc in the tissues. Good Bacteria 30+Billion NO INULIN provide critical protection against many threats, such as Food Poisoning, Lactose Intolerance, Stomach Ulcers, Yeast Overgrowth (Candida), Vaginal Yeast Infections, as well as Harmful Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses.


  • 30 Billion+ Good Bacteria NO INULIN (Probiotics) per Capsule
  • 10 Probiotic Species provides a Full Spectrum for a Healthy Bowel
  • 97% Human Strains ensures Long-Lasting Effectiveness
  • Improves Digestive, Immune & Gut Health
  • Promotes Ideal Intestinal & Vaginal Environments
  • Heat Stable Formulation – No Refrigeration Needed
  • Hypoallergenic, Dairy-Free, Corn-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free
  • Acid Resistant Vegetarian Capsules superior to enteric coating to protect probiotics through transit in stomach acid for greater implantation & health benefits.


30 Billion+ Good Bacteria NO INULIN (Probiotics) indicated for those with:

Good Bacteria (Probiotics) are destroyed by:

  • Antibiotics & Various Drugs, including Ibuprofen (Advil)
  • Radiation & Chemotherapy
  • Alcohol, Caffeine, Cigarettes, Junk Food & Stress
  • Chlorine found in most tap & bottled water
  • Non-Organic Meat, Chicken & Dairy (containing Antibiotics)
  • High Fat/Meat Diet (Slower Digestion increases Bad Bacteria)
  • Constipation (Increases Bad Bacteria)

Why 30 Billion+ Good Bacteria (Probiotics) per Capsule?

There are TRILLIONS of bacteria in the bowel environment.  That is why billions are necessary to restore a healthy balance of microflora across the entire gastrointestinal tract. We avoid more than 30+ Billion as some people are sensitive to very high doses, and can aggravate certain inflammatory bowel issues.


Why Human Strains of Good Bacteria?

Human Strains of Good Bacteria last longer & work better in the Gut over dairy or plant forms, which are rejected within 48 hours. Your body knows that you are not a cow or a plant!


Why Ten Species of Good Bacteria (Probiotics)?

There are TRILLIONS of bacteria in varying species that make up an incredibly complex gastrointestinal environment.  That is why all ten species that Health Canada allows are necessary to restore a healthy balance of microflora across the entire gastrointestinal tract. All ten (10) varied species harmonize to ensure successful, stable growth and protection of the ENTIRE GI tract. 


Why Acid-Resistant Capsules to hold the Good Bacteria (Probiotics)?

The Acid Resistant Vegetarian Capsules are superior to enteric coating as they further protect the potency of these microorganisms by ensuring their safe transit through the gastric environment, ensuring maximal delivery of probiotics through the GI tract.


Dr. Jiwani Good Bacteria 30 Billion NO INULIN Label | Dr. Jiwani's Naturopathic Nuggets Blog
Dr. Jiwani Good Bacteria 30 Billion NO INULIN Ingredients | Dr. Jiwani's Naturopathic Nuggets Blog

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