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“It is important to understand that although these patients are successful in their journey towards optimal health, these cases are by no means a promise to “cure” your health condition. What I can say, is that as my patient, to achieve success is to understand the importance of realizing that my role is to work together with you, as your health coach, who is there to guide you, motivate you and monitor your health journey. As in any team, both parties must contribute their utmost to succeed.”   ~ Dr. Jiwani

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Dr. Tahira Jiwani Reviews*

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Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

Paulette Teacher January 3, 2017

After *** I felt much better and I continue to feel well today. Thanks to Dr. Jiwani. I enjoy renewed health and abundant energy again. Read More

Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

Linda, Mom of Madeline 16 mo January 3, 2017

It has been 2 months since our first visit, and her ****** have changed drastically – she is eating more, sleeping better, her elimination is normal now! Read More

Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

Linda, Mom of Graham 5 yo January 3, 2017

Graham has eczema, asthma and food allergies, and after only 2 months of seeing Dr. Jiwani, I am pleased with the progress Read More

Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Jiwani Reviews

Roxanne January 3, 2017

Excellent results have been obtained from following Dr. Jiwani’s naturopathic advice, ****** Test and supplements. My health has improved tremendously
Read More

FREE Initial Consultation ~ 30mins with Dr. Jiwani, Naturopathic Physician

FREE Initial Consultation (approx. 30mins) with Dr. Jiwani Science-Based Naturopathic Healthcare since 1997 in Vancouver, Burnaby & Surrey for Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Thyroid & Hormonal Imbalances, Food Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer Care, Aesthetic Medicine (Wrinkle Injections & Mesotherapy Lipodissolve)

Ridiculous Protein Bar (High Protein 26g Low Carb Vegan Organic Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Soy-Free Corn-Free)

Ridiculous Protein Bar 80g each (BOX of 12) HIGH Protein LOW Carb Vegan Organic *Gluten-Free *Wheat-Free *Soy-Free *Egg-Free *Dairy-Free *Corn-Free *Yeast-Free Suitable for Paleo Keto & Candida Diets, Physician-Formulated, Scientifically Super Nutrition for your Body & Brain, So Yummy & Healthy, It’s RIDICULOUS!

Shopping for Health: Dr. Jiwani’s Naturopathic Grocery List

Mindful Food Shopping. Health starts with knowledge & planning. Dr. Jiwani’s Naturopathic Grocery List is here to help you navigate the supermarket in a mindful way, whether you have Food Allergies or are just trying to eat healthier.

Confused about Coffee? The Good, Bad & Ugly about Caffeine & this BitterSweet Beverage

Coffee. Nature’s energy fix yet a double edged sword. Caffeine is the world’s most commonly used psychostimulant drug, taken primarily as Coffee. With conflicting evidence about the health benefits, it’s important to understand the good, the bad & the ugly, to determine if Coffee (Caffeine) is good for you.

Toxic Fruits & Veggies 2018: Levels of Pesticides & When to Buy Organic

The toxicity of pesticides in fruits & vegetables are linked to many health concerns. With your family’s health at stake, & balancing a budget, when should you be buying organic? Pesticide levels for 2018

Sugar the Sweet Poison: The Alarming Ways Sugar Damages Your Body & Brain

Sugar. It’s sweet and tantalizing taste has been enticing us since the start of the century. Currently we are consuming thirty times that amount per person, with 40% of that from high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Sugar’s damaging effects include all organ systems including some potentially fatal conditions.

Breast Self-Exam: Healthy Breast Care includes Monthly Self Checks for Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Self-Exams should be taught to young women in high school given that 25% of all Cancers are in the Breast. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer worldwide in women. In North America, one in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the second leading cause of Cancer death among women.

Your Gluten-Free Diet is Making You Fat, Sick & Tired: the Delights & Dangers of Gluten-Free

The popularity of Gluten-Free diets have escalated in the past two decades. In fact, North American sales of gluten-free products have risen to over 8 billion dollars. Consumers believe that gluten-free products are healthier than those with gluten. In actual fact, your gluten-free diet is likely making you fatter.

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